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2023/12/1 10:00

Nagahama Maibara Holiday Emergency Clinic
Notice of medical treatment days in December, 2023 and January, 2024

"Nagahama Maibara Holiday Emergency Clinic" provides medical care on holidays (Sundays, public holidays, and New Year's holidays (December 30th to January 3rd)). Please use the Nagahama Maibara Holiday Emergency Clinic for initial emergency medical care for internal medicine and pediatrics.

To prevent the spread of New coronavirus infections, please be sure to call and wear a mask for consultation.
※We do not test for infectious diseases such as influenza or New coronavirus.
[Phone 65-1525]
※Please be careful not to make a mistake when making a call.
[Clinical days]
December 3, 10, 17, 24, 30, 31
January 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 14, 21, 28

[Reception Hours] 8:30 to 11:30, 12:30 to 17:30
[Clinical hours] 9:00 to 18:00
[Clinical department] Internal medicine and Pediatrics
[Place] Kohoku Medical Support Center "Medi Sapo" (Miyashi-cho 1181-2)
※Don't forget to bring your Insurance card, Welfare medical ticket, Medicine notebook, and Maternal and child health notebook (for infants) when you visit the clinic.
※Medical treatment days are Sundays, national holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays (December 30th to January 3rd).

Inquiry: Community Health Care Division: Phone 65-6301

(長浜米原休日急患診療所 12月, 1月の診療日のお知らせ)

Shimin katsuyakuka: 0749-65-8711


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BOLETIN INFORMATIVO DE LA MUNICIPALIDAD - KOUHOU NAGAHAMA VERSION DIGITAL El boletin informativo de la municipalidad Kouhou Nagahama edicion Marzo/2024, en ESPANOL, ya puede ser visto a traves de la pagina web de la Municipalidad! En esta edicion encontrara los siguientes articulos: ・Recepcion de las Solicitaciones del Juuminzei Hikazei Setai tou ni Taisuru Rinji Tokubetsu    Kyuufukin Subsidio Extraordinario para Unidades Familiares Exentas de Impuestos de Residente; ・Aviso Sobre el Fin del Programa Especial de Vacunacion Preventiva Contra el COVID-19; ・Reclutamiento de participantes para la Palestra sobre Voluntarios en Actividades Multiculturales & Confraternizacion; ・Marzo: Mes de Campana Fortalecimiento de las Medidas Contra el Suicidio; ・Realice el Tramite de Alteracion del Proprietario, Anulacion de Registro de Motocicletas, Vehiculos de pequeno porte etc, Deben ser Realizados Durante el mes de Marzo; ・Solicitamos que los Dispositivos Electronicos Pequenos con Baterias No Extraibles Sean Desechados en la Basura Reciclable (Pilas usadas etc.); ・Prorrogacion del Horario los Jueves para Realizacion de Tramites de Alteracion de Direccion; ・Aviso Sobre la Realizacion de Vacunacion contra la Rabia; ・Entre otros; BOLETIN INFORMATIVO DE LA MUNICIPALIDAD 【外国語版 広報ながはま3月号】

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O Informativo da Prefeitura, Kouhou Nagahama, edicao de marco/2024 esta disponivel na homepage da Prefeitura! Voces poderao conferir as materias: Recepcao das solicitacoes do Subsidio extraordinario para unidades familiares isentas de imposto de residente; - Aviso sobre o fim do Programa Especial de Vacinacao Preventiva Contra COVID-19; - Recrutamento de participantes para a palestra sobre voluntarios em atividades multiculturais & confraternizacao; - Marco: mes da Campanha de fortalecimento das medidas preventivas de suicidios; - O tramite de alteracao de proprietario, anulacao de registro de motocicletas, veiculos de pequeno porte etc. deve ser realizado durante o mes de marco; - Solicitamos que os dispositivos eletronicos pequenos com baterias nao removiveis sejam descartados no lixo reciclavel (pilhas etc. usadas); - Aviso sobre a realizacao da vacinacao antirrabica; - Entre outros; Confira todas as materias acessando o link abaixo: 【外国語版 広報ながはま3月号】



 本日(2月15日)に長浜市内において自動音声で「このままだと電話が止まります。オペレーターに繋ぐので1を押してください。」などという電話がかかってきています。  自動音声に従って電話機の番号を押すと、オペレーターに繋がり、「あなた名義で契約している携帯から迷惑メールが送られている。解約手続きをとる必要がある。」などと解約手続きを案内されます。  これは、後に金銭を要求する詐欺です。 【被害に遭わないために】 ・不審な電話があれば、すぐに警察に相談してください。 ・自宅の電話機を留守番電話設定にしてください。



   防災危機管理課の「長浜市地域防災計画修正業務」に係る入札公告を長浜市ホームページに掲載しましたのでお知らせします。 詳しくは長浜市ホームページをご覧ください。

Information for foreigners


Norovirus Food Poisoning Warning (4th time this year) "Norovirus food poisoning warning report" was issued throughout prefecture. The number of patients with infectious gastroenteritis is increasing, and norovirus food poisoning is more likely to occur. Please wash your hands thoroughly, heat the food sufficiently, and try to manage your physical condition. [ Announcement period: From February 8 (Thursday) to February 28 (Wednesday), 2024.] In order to prevent infectious gastroenteritis caused by norovirus, keep the following points in mind 1. Let's do the hand washing firmly. Wash your fingers carefully with soap for over 30 seconds and wash off the virus attached to your fingers with running water. After the toilet, before eating, and after caring for people who have diarrhea or vomiting or waste disposal, be especially careful. Do not share towels that wipe hands, and use paper towels or personal towels.   2. Let the food heat thoroughly. For foods (bivalves etc.) that may be contaminated with norovirus, let's heat to the center at 85 to 90 ° C or more for 90 seconds or longer.  3. Please take a rest when the physical condition is bad If you have symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting etc, please do not cook because there is a possibility of secondary contamination of food. If your family has symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc. you may have been infected, so please wash your hands thoroughly and use gloves.  4 .When serving foods, wear masks and gloves. When serving foods, wear masks, do not touch food directly and use gloves or chopsticks.  5. Let's disinfect cookware firmly. Please disinfect dishes and utensils before and after use with boiling water, 0.02% sodium hypochlorite etc. and wash with running water. ※Sodium hypochlorite is a chlorine bleach. (Before using, check "Usage notes.")  6. Please take properly process and disinfect with feces and vomit. Since a large amount of virus is discharged in the feces and the evacuation,. Let's do ventilation thoroughly, and wear gloves and masks promptly. Disinfect treated floors, doorknobs, toilet bowls etc. with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite, and seal the masks, gloves, towels etc that used in processing into a plastic bag and discard them. *Sodium hypochlorite is a chlorine bleach. (Please check "Precautions for use" before using.) (「ノロウイルス食中毒注意報」について)



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